Radma Carbon AB


A big congratulation to our Bio Innovation Funding from Vinnova

January 01, 2023

Radma Carbon's mission is to provide sustainable and cost-efficient solution based on bio-sources materials and built around our unique and patented magnetic carbon technology for water purification. In our development roadmap, we focused on exploring the best way of processing MAC and water for removal of targeted contaminants, therefore, developing a holistic water treatment system featured in magnetic extraction of MAC out of water is the core. With this funding from Vinnova granted on October 27, 2020, we enhanced our partnerships to co-develop a customerized system. More information about the funding can be found here:

SV: https://www.bioinnovation.se/projekt/en-process-for-biobaserat-magnetiskt-aktivt-kol-for-vattenrening-steg-1/

EN: https://www.bioinnovation.se/en/projekt/a-processing-unit-of-bio-sourced-magnetic-activated-carbon-featured-in-magnetic-separation-for-water-treatment-step-1/

Many thanks to our partners (Ramson AB and Fortum Waste Solution AB) and Vinnova for making this happen. Besides, we are apprecaited our team members who made great efforts in funding applications, overcame all the difficulties and has managed the whole project going in the right and promising direction. Now, we are pround to annouce that our mobile unit (1-2 m3/h in contineous operations) is ready to offer. Contact us for more details.

Partner member in Stockholm Material Hub

February 28, 2022

Radma's team has been collarborating with Stockholm University (SU) on developing bio-sourced magnetic carbon materials for environmental applications. Today Radma Carbon AB joined Stockholm Material Hub (SMH) located in SU where we will learn more from academia experts and gain opportinuties to grow bigger and greener.

The SMH is an open platform supported by EU Regional Development Fund to facilitate collaboration between academia and SMEs in the Stockholm Region in the general field of materials research, especially for healthcare, energy and environmental applications. 

Radma Carbon in local newspaper

February 11, 2022

Radma Carbon is highlighted in the local news published in Arvika Nyheter. In the article, the local company of BGG Service AB, a specialist engineering contractor and development partner to Radma, is proud to join the environmental project with Radma Carbon AB and Stockholm University to help building the bench prototype for removal of PFAS from contaminated waters. Radma's ambition in PFAS removal is highly appreciated according to the article titled Arvika company in unique environmental project: "Ready for sharp tests".

New partner in Mistra TerraClean program

October 14, 2021

Kick-off for phase two of Mistra Terra Clean – Mistra TerraClean was held on October 14, 2021, where Radma Carbon AB was introduced as a new partner and Elin Sohlberg (CEO) presented our team and competence in PFAS removal.

Mistra TerraClean is a research program addressing global sustainability challenges. Mistra Terraclean aims to develop materials with an ability to communicate with users, so as to achieve more uniform and efficient removal of pollutants. This will involve both refining existing technologies and producing new, smarter materials.

Radma Carbon AB is founded

October 12, 2021

Radma Carbon AB is founded with a clear objective to provide water purification services based on the patented Magnetic Carbon Technology. The establishment of this business means the Magnetic Carbon Technology is ready for the market and to meet the clients' needs. We will continue the journey of Biokol Sverige AB in ordert to secure clean water for everyone.

Congratulations on PFAS Testbed Project

April 2021

Biokol Sverige AB (now continued as Radma Conbon AB) in collaboration with Axolot Solutions AB has participated in the testbed project coordinated by RISE to investigate the PFASs removal in two water matrices, i.e., surface water and landfill leached water. The performance of MCT in combination with AxoPur® is excellent for heavily contaminated landfill leached water as clearly seen from the color change in the picture below, and the report is shared with permission from Axolot solutions and RISE.