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Projects on PFAS removal

Kumla site, 2020 - Magnetic Carbon Technology successfully reduces long- and short-chain PFAS in heavily contaminated leached landfill water

The Kumla landfill currently contains about 2 400 000 tons which makes it one of the largest landfills in Sweden. Leaching water from the landfill originates from rain and groundwater and is heavily contaminated. The leached water is normally treated using several techniques in order to reduce suspended particles and pollutants. These techniques are however not sufficient for removal of PFAS substances. 

The regulatory threshold values of  PFAS in water for release into the recipient in Kumla has not yet been defined by the environmental authorities, but it is expected that the coming threshold value for PFAS(25) will be set much lower than the present.

Radma Carbon AB is collaborating with Fortum Recycling and Waste (FRW) to provide an applicable engineering solution for removal of PFAS from the leached water at the Kumla landfill site, by using Radma's magnetic carbon technology (MCT). The objective of this project is to validate MCT's ability to efficiently eliminate PFAS substances from the landfill leachate water in Kumla without any pre-treatment processes.

Results strongly indicate that MCT will be an effective solution for removal of both long- and short-chain PFAS molecules from heavily contaminated leached water. 

Landfill leached water at Kumla site, 2020

Short-chain PFAS reduction of 88% and long-chain PFAS removal of 98% without any pre-treatment processes

Kovik site, 2021 - In collaboration with Prezero, MCT proves very good removal efficiency of PFAS and heavy metals in leached landfill water 

Radma Carbon AB has collaborated with Prezero utilizing our magnetic carbon technology (MCT) for removal of PFAS substances and heavy metals from landfill leached water at Kovik waste treatment plant, Värmdö.

Today the leached water is heavily contaminated with PFAS and heavy metals such as As, Pb, Ni, Cr, Cd and Zn. Landfill leached water containing PFAS and metal-ions are rapidly coming in focus worldwide as research work reveal serious toxic effects even at low concentrations.

The objective of this project was to evaluate purification of the leached water through the removal of PFAS and heavy metals. An additional target was to determine the effects of aqueous matrixes (organic and ionic compounds) on PFAS adsorption. MCT process was utilized as a post treatment to remove the long- and short-chain PFAS and heavy metals targeting a purified water of ultrapure quality post treatment.

Leached water, before and after treatment with MCT

The project results have proven that our MCT can play a major role in removal PFAS and heavy metals.

Removal efficiency of PFAS with MCT in Kovik landfill leached water