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Project on pharmaceutics removal

Dr. Ashour with early stage MCT testing unit

Water analysis from Borlänge sewage treatment plant shows over 90% removal of 23 pharmaceutical substances via a single-stage MCT

Borlänge, 2019 - MCT shows over 90% removal of 23 pharmaceutical substances via a single-stage MCT from wastewater treatment plant 

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) has initiated a process to upgrade the municipal sewage treatment plants in Sweden with regards to reduction of drug residues in waste water. The authority can provide a financial support up to 90% of the costs for the municipalities.

Borlänge Energi AB has carried out a feasibility study that identifies the need for targeted measures to limit the release of pharmaceuticals in the municipality sewage in Borlänge. Biokol Sverige AB (now continued as Radma carbon AB) performed a lab and small pilot scale implementation of its Magnetic Carbon Technology (MCT).

The study included a number of tests on the MCT treatment for drug residues from the Borlänge sewage treatment plant. The on-site tests performed with the small pilot MCT unit clarified the adsorption / separation of drug residues from effluent collected from Borlänge wastewater treatment plant. The overall removal efficiency of 23 pharmaceutical substances was above 90% by a single-stage MCT. The conclusion drawn was that MCT is a highly promising technology for reaching the goal of an efficient pharmaceuticals reduction. 

The result was reported to the authorities by the project coordinator Sweco Environment AB providing valuable guidance for possible technology options going forward.

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Project report: https://www.svensktvatten.se/globalassets/avlopp-och-miljo/reningsverk-och-reningsprocesser/bestallargrupp/19-slutrapporter/ab-borlange-energi.pdf