Radma Carbon AB



We provide purification solutions for a wide range of water sources.

Sewage water

WWTPs effluent

Landfill leached water

Soil/sand washing water

Surface water


No contaminated water source is identical to another and that's why customization is key to a successful purification. We take pride in our desire and ability to offer customized solutions that fit the needs of each client.

There is not one solution that fits all purification requirements

With our process solutions, we can offer end-to-end solutions and services. We customize our products and package them into intelligent, cost-efficient and comprehensive water treatment systems. For most situations our technology will solve the entire needs of our clients stand-alone, if not we will partner with complementary suppliers in order to secure the most suitable solution.


Following a stepwise approach we make sure the solutions we offer will provide you with the results you need to meet todays and tomorrows requirements for clean water.

Step 1: Contaminants diagnosis

laboratory study

  • Analysis of water quality
  • Preliminary purifiction test
  • Proposal of process solution

Step 2: Solution customization 

bench scale optimization

  • Optimization of process parameters
  • Design of MCT unit and on-site implementation
  • Tech-economic assessment

Step 3: Service delivery

on-site process service 

  • Deliver and install our MCT unit on-site
  • Technical support for the operation
  • Off-site regeneration of the used carbon